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NEW changes in stable-new new Gajim release Re: Next upload 2012-06-26 (dpkg 1.16.5) Re: Non-evasive patch for SELinux handling suitable for a freeze exception? Re: open-iscsi freeze exception for Wheezy Patch for fixing keystone rc bug #687311 : permission to upload in SID? Re: Patch for fixing keystone rc bug #687311 : permission to upload in SID? Re: php5 stable release update Ping! (was: Chances to obtain a freeze-exception for condor?) Re: [Pkg-postgresql-public] postgresql-8.4/security newer than unstable / testing Please do not unblock gnome-meta just yet Please remove the freeze block request on Calibre Re: Please unblock acpid Please unblock some more packages for xz compression Please unblock some packages for xz compression Please unblock webgen0.4 version 0.4.7-8 postgresql-8.4/security newer than unstable / testing Re: Pre-approval for libnss3 3.13.6 pre-upload approval for readline5 NMU Processed: affects 686054 Processed: affects 688205, block 669278 with 687666 Processed: Backport Processed: Backport of ucf handling of conf files Processed: block 680670 with 688793, tagging 680670 Processed: block 683674 with 687835 Processed: Blocking bugs still affecting wheezy Processed: Bug#682087: unblock: skksearch/0.0-21 Processed: Bug#682097: unblock: dbskkd-cdb/1:2.00-6 Processed: closing 687434 Processed: closing 688575 Processed: closing 689139 Processed: gromacs: pending cmake unblock Processed: jampal RM Processed: let the bugs show up Processed: midgard-core/688966 Processed: Need to do something about uw-imap Processed: One more try Processed: owner 686501 Processed: owner 686526 Processed: Please, drop the jscoverage build-dependency Processed: reassign 685327 to, closing 685327 Processed: Re: blockade: missing permission to redistribute Processed: Re: Bug#682583: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.15+squeeze2 Processed: Re: Bug#683073: unblock: gnunet/0.9.3-3 Processed: Re: Bug#683142: unblock: bdii/5.2.12-1 Processed: Re: Bug#683303: unblock: kvirc/4:4.1.3+20111124.svn5988-2 Processed: Re: Bug#683674: unblock: intel-microcode/1.20120606.3 Processed: Re: Bug#683794: unblock: pysvn/1.7.6-0.3 Processed: Re: Bug#684355: unblock: autofs/5.0.6-3 Processed: Re: Bug#684871: unblock: nvidia-graphics-drivers/304.43-1, nvidia-settings/304.43-1, nvidia-xconfig/304.43-1, nvidia-graphics-modules/304.43+1 Processed: Re: Bug#684871: unblock: nvidia-graphics-drivers/304.48-1, nvidia-settings/304.48-1, nvidia-xconfig/304.48-1, nvidia-graphics-modules/304.48+1 Processed: Re: Bug#685268: tpu: isc-dhcp/4.2.2.dfsg.1-5+deb7u1 Processed: Re: Bug#685346: pu: package checkgmail/1.13+svn43-2+squeeze0.1 Processed: Re: Bug#685633: pu: package network-manager/0.8.1-6+squeeze2 Processed: Re: Bug#685941: tpu: package libjs-backbone/0.5.3-2+deb7u1 Processed: Re: Bug#686462: unblock: ruby-pgplot/0.1.3-6 Processed: Re: Bug#686496: unblock: wesnoth-1.10/1:1.10.3-2 Processed: Re: Bug#686497: New Upstream Version 1.2.2 Processed: Re: Bug#686500: RM: jscoverage/0.3.1-1 Processed: Re: Bug#686501: unblock: xfwm4/4.8.3-2 Processed: Re: Bug#686514: unblock: libquvi-scripts/0.4.8-1 (from experimental) Processed: Re: Bug#686514: unblock: libquvi-scripts/0.4.8-2 Processed: Re: Bug#686533: RM: fparser/4.5-0.1 -- RoM; RC Buggy, no more rdepends Processed: Re: Bug#686547: unblock: calibre/0.8.51+dfsg-1 Processed: Re: Bug#686644: unblock: net-tools/1.60-24.2 Processed: Re: Bug#686813: unblock: lintian/ (pre-approval) Processed: Re: Bug#686814: unblock: swift/1.4.8-2 Processed: Re: Bug#686918: pu: package dpkg/ Processed: Re: Bug#686990: pu: package nvidia-graphics-modules/195.36.31+4 Processed: Re: Bug#687074: unblock: rdkit/201203-3 Processed: Re: Bug#687114: pu: package apache2/2.2.16-6+squeeze8 Processed: Re: Bug#687153: unblock: qemu/1.1.2+dfsg-2 qemu-kvm/1.1.2+dfsg-2 Processed: Re: Bug#687189: unblock: calendarserver/3.2+dfsg-2 Processed: Re: Bug#687292: unblock: nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-96xx/96.43.23-2 Processed: Re: Bug#687409: voms-api-java: FTBFS: cp: cannot stat `target/site/javadoc/apidocs': No such file or directory Processed: Re: Bug#687477: unblock: poco/1.3.6p1-4 Processed: Re: Bug#687492: unblock: aptitude/ (pre-approve) Processed: Re: Bug#688096: unblock: bsnes/0.088-5 (pre-approval) Processed: Re: Bug#688266: pu: package policyd-weight/ Processed: Re: Bug#688322: unblock: bzr-stats/0.1.0+bzr51-1 Processed: Re: Bug#688333: pu: package libgc/6.8-1.2 Processed: Re: Bug#688409: unblock: gforth/0.7.0+ds1-7 Processed: Re: Bug#688485: unblock: syslinux-themes-debian/12-1.1 Processed: Re: Bug#688495: unblock: osm2pgsql/0.80.0+r27899-3 Processed: Re: Bug#688512: unblock or tpu: glib2.0/2.33.12+really2.32.4-1 Processed: Re: Bug#688740: unblock: tomboy/1.10.0-2 Processed: reopening 681107 Processed: reopening 688876, retitle 688876 to unblock: mathematica-fonts/16 Processed: Re: Processed: this is definitely RC Processed: request Processed: Re: Stable update for xen Processed: retitle 683674 to unblock: intel-microcode/1.20120606.6 Processed: retitle 685803 to unblock: vala-0.16/0.16.1-2 Processed: retitle 686197 to unblock: rhn-client-tools/1.8.9-2 Processed: Re: unblock: scim/1.4.14-2 Processed: submitter 688672 Processed: tagging 683323 Processed: tagging 685687 Processed: this is definitely RC Processed: unblock 687534 with 685663 Processed: unblock: abiword/2.9.2+svn20120603-7 Processed: unblock: gom/0.30.2-5.3 Processed: unblock: llvm-defaults/1:3.0-14+nmu2 Processed: unblock: mc/3:4.8.3-9 Processed: unblock: msva-perl/0.9.1-1 Processed: unblock xpra/0.3.10+dfsg-1 Processed: user, usertagging 688351, found 657146 in 7.2.6+dfsg-14, affects 677065 ... Processed: user, usertagging 687728, severity of 687728 is normal ... Processed: w3c-linkchecker Processed (with 1 errors): tpu: package icecast2/2.3.2-9+deb7u1 Processed (with 2 errors): tpu: isc-dhcp/4.2.2.dfsg.1-5+deb7u1 Processed: your mail Radeon KMS without non-free firmware (was: Towards d-i wheezy beta 3) Removing block-udeb gtk+3.0? Re: Request for wheezy-ignore tag: bug#555168 (glibc locale files with license not permitting modification) request freeze exception for slony1-2 Re: [request-tracker-maintainers] Freeze exception for RT 4.0.7? Re: RFC: plan to NMU python-greenlet for Wheezy Re: Security-upload coming! (was: Chances to obtain a freeze-exception for condor?) [squeeze] Critical update of postgresql-common (data loss) Squeeze point release (6.0.6) [squeeze] Re: ecm: file conflict with gmp-ecm Tagging #617613 as wheezy-ignore testing build information (was: Re: Bug#686725: tpu: package icecast2/2.3.2-9+deb7u1) Time to upload linux (3.2.28-1)? Towards d-i wheezy beta 3 unblock bacula/5.2.6+dfsg-5 unblock boinc/7.0.34+dfsg-2 (was: Bug#685248: unblock: boinc/7.0.33-1 and boinc-app-seti/6.12~svn1385-1) Unblock - libguac 0.6.0-2 (fix for CVE-2012-4415) unblock policyd-weight/ Upload pre-approval request for shorewall, shorewall6, and shorewall-core VLC Enable sftp Re: which udev release for wheezy? Your "mysql-mm" stable upload The last update was on 13:55 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1267 messages. Page 3 of 3.

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