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Re: Please do not unblock gnome-meta just yet

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 03:51:17PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> As you may be aware, the TC recently overruled the maintainers of the
> gnome-core metapackage, deciding that the dependency from gnome-core
> to network-manager should be weakened from Depends to Recommends.
> (The full TC decision is reproduced below.)

Which he followed.

Let's look there.

7. The Technical Committee overrules the decision of the gnome-core             
   metapackage maintainers.  The dependency from gnome-core to                  
   network-manager-gnome should be downgraded to Recommends


> In response to this the maintainers have uploaded a new version of
> meta-gnome in which the gnome-core package Recommends
> network-manager-gnome, as required.  However, additionally, they have

As you want.

> reintroduced a dependency from gnome to network-manager-gnome, as
> Depends.  See the changes info, also below.
> The Release Team should be aware that our request to unblock the
> update to meta-gnome implementing the TC decision does not extend to
> this latter change to meta-gnome.

I believe that exceeds your powers. Your decision was implemented

Ans n-m - as people might like or not like, I am one who deson't (as a n-m
user) - is part of GNOME depending on it for the *full* *gnome* IMHO is ok.

> I am going to try to get the TC to pass another resolution
> specifically overruling this further decision by the gnome-core
> maintainers.

I agree with Josselin here completely. Stop the crusade.



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