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Re: unblock request for consolekit_0.2.10-2 Unblock request for copyfs 1.0.1-4 Unblock request for dbus-java Unblock request for hal_0.5.11-3 Unblock request for hobbit/4.2.0.dfsg-14 Unblock request for merkaartor/0.0.11~svn7913-2 Unblock request for mutt/1.5.18-4 Unblock request for nano unblock request for openjdk-6 6b11-6 unblock request for rdesktop and linux-patch-grsecurity2 Unblock request for tkabber 0.11.0-2 unblock request: wpasupplicant 0.6.4-1 Unblock shibboleth-sp2/2.0.dfsg1-3 unblock sleepd 1.11 unblock splitvt 1.6.6-7 unblock steam 2.2.31-4.3 Re: unblocking partman-multipath Unblocking realtimebattle 1.0.8-8 Unblocks for l10n NMUs (one needing D-I team approval) Unblocks for some NMUs unblocks for tempfile races unblocks of KDE 4 related packages Unfreeze request kipi-plugins_0.1.5-2 Re: unifont 1:5.1.20080808-2 MIGRATED to testing Update on 'chairs' within the Stable Release Team Updated ggzd-servers - unblock request for .2 Upload of dpkg 1.14.21 to unstable Re: Upload of tzdata 2008e to etch-volatile and etch Re: v-sim: Fix of serious bug #492777 wdiff stable update for Bug#425254 What to do with brasero? Would iso-codes qualify for a freeze exception? Would it be possible to provide Xorp 1.5 in lenny? x86info 1.21-2 Re: xapian 1.0.7 xine-lib bug fixes for lenny The last update was on 16:19 GMT Sun Apr 08. There are 1606 messages. Page 4 of 4.

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