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Re: xapian 1.0.7

On 2008-07-29, Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> wrote:
> Enrico Zini wrote:
>> I've just uploaded to unstable the Xapian suite version 1.0.7, that was
>> the candidate for lenny.
>> It didn't manage to get uploaded so far because of last minute
>> polishings and work delayed due to me (sponsor) and the maintainer being
>> in opposite timezones.
>> It would be a shame if it didn't go in, so I'm bringing it to your
>> attention.
> unblocked, set age-days to 15.

xapian-core 1.0.7-1 was hinted, but FTBFS from source on s390 due to a
non-parallel make safe construct in debian/rules (inherited from an
older debhelper example it appears).  This is fixed by 1.0.7-2, which
has now built for all targets.

The only other change in xapian-core 1.0.7-2 was to disable the
testsuite from running on m68k.  One newly-added (upstream) regression
testcase failed on m68k, probably due to FP rounding issues in either
the testcase or the change it's testing.  Either way, the currently
installed 1.0.5-1 is no better in this area and worse in others, so it
seems better overall to let m68k get 1.0.7-2 while I track down the
problem.  AIUI, m68k isn't a release architecture for lenny anyway.

So could you update the unblock hint to xapian-core 1.0.7-2?

I'd also like to ask you to consider adding hints for the rest of the
"Xapian suite" - that's:

xapian-omega 1.0.7-2
xapian-bindings 1.0.7-2

The first two were uploaded by Enrico together with xapian-core.  The
last is maintained by the Debian Perl Group and the upload had to wait
for xapian-core to be updated.

On the upstream side, the changes between 1.0.5 and 1.0.7 are bug fixes
or documentation improvements, except that xapian-omega 1.0.6 adds
support for indexing DjVu files and three new OmegaScript commands
used by the lists.d.o search.  Any breakage from either of these changes
is likely to be limited to the new functionality they add.

In the Debian packaging, the updates fix all the new lintian warnings
and update to policy 3.8.0.

The following debian bugs would be fixed in lenny by updating:

#484458: should stem dutch for "nl"

#484456: black on dark blue in search results can be hard to read 

#462106: python-xapian: Laxist Depends: on libxapian15 

#486138: crashes hard when asked to generate a stemmer for an unsupported locale

If we don't update, then the other options are to leave these and a
number of other bugs which aren't in the Debian BTS unfixed, or backport a
lot of fixes to produce something which has had a lot less testing that the
upstream 1.0.7.

I should be available to promptly address any issues which crop up as a
result of updating.


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