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Re: unblock request for consolekit_0.2.10-2

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Michael Biebl]
Although this is a new upstream release, I really like to get this
version into lenny. The major new feature is, that consolekit now
creates pam_console compatible tag files. This means, dbus services
can make use of the "at_console" policy, a long standing request!
That means, local desktop users no longer have to be added to all the
different groups (like plugdev/powerdev/netdev) in order to use
NetworkManager or the powermanagement tools.

This sounds very cool, and I want to switch to consolekit in Debian
Edu.  For that to work out, it would be great if it made it to Lenny.

Btw, the module creating stuff in /var/run/console/ is called
pam_foreground, I believe, not pam_console.

Not quite. pam_foreground was as Ubuntu specific package and the tags that it created in /var/run/console were/are not compatible with the ones pam_console (which was never part of Debian), creates. dbus understand pam_console tags and needed a patch (which the ubuntu package had) to understand pam_foreground tags.
consolekit creates pam_console compatible tags => no dbus patch required.

I am still looking for documentation on how to set up consolekit
properly, though.  :)

Simply installing consolekit 0.2.10-2 should be enough ;-)
If you are using login manager like gdm or kdm (or startx directly), everything should work out of the box. For console logins only, you should install libpam-ck-connector and add that module to /etc/pam.d/login as session service.


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