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unblock request for rdesktop and linux-patch-grsecurity2

Dear Release-Team,

Hereby I'm asking for unblock request for rdesktop 1.6.0-2 and
linux-patch-grsecurity2 2.1.12+ .

The rdesktop package is now compiled with IPv6 support which would be
very good to have for reaching Vista boxes and other IPv6 hosts. Its in
Sid for two weeks, no new bug reported. Other changes include removed
obsolete x-dev build dependency, policy 10.1 conformance (don't strip
binaries if nostrip specified in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS) and update to
Standards-Version 3.8.0 .

About linux-patch-grsecurity2 : It contains an updated patchset for
Lenny 2.6.26 kernels as Moritz recommended. Also updated Japanese
debconf translation.


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