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What to do with brasero?


brasero 0.8.0-1 (uploaded before the freeze) is ready to migrate, but it
failed to build on alpha and therefore won't migrate.

However version 0.7.1-3 which is in testing already failed to build on
alpha, but it was forced in testing nevertheless; alpha still has
0.6.1-1 in testing.

Here is the course of action I propose:
      * Removal of the alpha binary in testing; it’s not a good idea to
        release with a discrepancy in versions anyway, and we can’t
        provide security support.
      * That will let 0.8.0-1 in testing where this version will get
        wider testing.
      * Open a RC bug wrt. the FTBFS on alpha (why isn’t it open yet?)
      * Slap ember and alanbach, who wanted so much brasero 0.8 in
        lenny, so that they fix it :)

Do you find this approach suitable?

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