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Re: unblock request for rdesktop and linux-patch-grsecurity2

Laszlo Boszormenyi wrote:
> Dear Release-Team,
> Hereby I'm asking for unblock request for rdesktop 1.6.0-2 and
> linux-patch-grsecurity2 2.1.12+ .
> The rdesktop package is now compiled with IPv6 support which would be
> very good to have for reaching Vista boxes and other IPv6 hosts. Its in
> Sid for two weeks, no new bug reported. Other changes include removed
> obsolete x-dev build dependency, policy 10.1 conformance (don't strip
> binaries if nostrip specified in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS) and update to
> Standards-Version 3.8.0 .
> About linux-patch-grsecurity2 : It contains an updated patchset for
> Lenny 2.6.26 kernels as Moritz recommended. Also updated Japanese
> debconf translation.

Both unblocked



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