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Re: unblock request for consolekit_0.2.10-2

[Michael Biebl]
> Not quite. pam_foreground was as Ubuntu specific package and the
> tags that it created in /var/run/console were/are not compatible
> with the ones pam_console (which was never part of Debian), creates.
> dbus understand pam_console tags and needed a patch (which the
> ubuntu package had) to understand pam_foreground tags.  consolekit
> creates pam_console compatible tags => no dbus patch required.

Oh. :(   I guess we really need to switch to consolekit then. :)

> Simply installing consolekit 0.2.10-2 should be enough ;-)
> If you are using login manager like gdm or kdm (or startx directly),
> everything should work out of the box.

Sound very good.  Will make sure it is installed shortly.

> For console logins only, you should install libpam-ck-connector and
> add that module to /etc/pam.d/login as session service.

Is the exact pam.d configuration documented somewhere?  I would guess
it should be part of the default to make sure all parts work together.

Anyway, we should probably discuss configuration of consolekit
elsewhere, and not on debian-release@. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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