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unblock request for openjdk-6 6b11-6

Please consider unblocking openjdk-6 6b11-6 for testing.

openjdk-6 (6b11-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Set minimum heap size independent of available memory (not only) for cacao builds.
  * Link the wrapper tools with -rdynamic for cacao builds.
  * Update cacao based builds:
    - Update cacao to 0.99.3, remove patches applied upstream.
    - Fix build failures on mipsel-linux.
  * Allow setting of the bootstrap compiler per architecture.
  * Configure --with-alt-jar set to fastjar to speed up builds.
  * Update IcedTea build infrastructure (20080815), remove local patches
    integrated in IcedTea.
    - Make use of unsigned/signed types explicit.
    - Fix PR icedtea/184, adding support for returning floats and doubles
      for zero builds.
    - Fix Fix PR icedtea/181, class type checks.

Build time on the buildds is reduced by more than 50% (e.g. mips* down
from 12h to 5h). No regressions seen in the testsuite on i386 and
amd64. armel and sparc builds are still outstanding.


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