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Re: Would it be possible to provide Xorp 1.5 in lenny?

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Dear debian-release team,
> Xorp in lenny and sid is at version 1.5~cvs.20080519-1, this version is
> not however, a final release and has bugs that have been fixed in the
> 1.5 release which was released a few months later (22nd of July) but we were
> not able to package+upload it in time for the freeze, which happened just a
> week later.
> We have uploaded a 1.5 version to experimental but would like to know the
> opinion of the release team on having 1.5 in sid and unblocking it for lenny.
> Would that be possible?
> One of the bug that fixes this final release is #493157 which basicly means
> that in the current version in testing IPv4 multicast routing does not work.
> Upstream has also fixed #494223, which makes it possible to compile Xorp
> if using a 2.6.26 kernel.

> Needless to say, we, the XORP maintainers, would be more comfortable
> providing support in the next release (lenny) of a full release and not a CVS
> snapshot, as is currently provided. Specially if we are talking of *security*
> support for the package, as it will be more difficult to backport any
> security fixes introduced in the package if we are using the CVS release.
> We would appreciate some advice on how to proceed with this package, thanks.

Please upload 1.5 to unstable.



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