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Antibay - Das etwas andere Auktionshaus aria_0.10.2test7-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED beast_0.4.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#100159: marked as done (ssh: scp client does not interoperate with SSH(R) Secure Shell(TM) server) Bug#100426: We own you money! Bug#109682: marked as done (svgakeymap -- Couldn't find /usr/share/keymaps/ Bug#111923: linuxconf: segfault Bug#111923: marked as done (segfault with treemenu module enabled) Bug#123768: marked as done (ssh2 should not depend on xlibs, ssh-askpass2 should be packaged seperately) Bug#134119: marked as done (override disparity) Bug#135445: marked as done (kinkatta: Please add more information to the extended description) Bug#141760: marked as done (ssh2: init.d file has wrong default port) Bug#142255: marked as done (FTBFS: cannot convert) Bug#143195: marked as done (ssh2: abort of password read goes in to infinite loop) Bug#143820: marked as done (ssh2: scp fails on files with zero-length) Bug#150367: 150367,Online Casino Bug#150367: Hello ! Bug#150367: I hope this reaches you! Bug#151670: marked as done (/usr/bin/qmake is a dangling symlink) Bug#153711: marked as done (ssh2: RequireReverseMapping not described in man page) Bug#154233: marked as done (please build-depend on libpng3-dev) Bug#154251: marked as done ([sparc] sshd2 uses 100% CPU when logging in from remote) Bug#159003: gravitywars or svgalib crashs Bug#159210: marked as done (svgalib-bin: typo in package description) Bug#161903: marked as done (linuxconf: broken dependency on libgd1) Bug#16325: marked as done (fidogate 4.2.9 available) Bug#164431: marked as done (libhdf4_4.1r4-14(alpha/unstable): outdated config.guess?) Bug#164449: marked as done (gadfly should provide python-kjbuckets) Bug#165301: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of kinkatta on i386) Bug#165880: marked as done (Bug in libqt3-emb-dev include file) Bug#166436: marked as done (QVFB not present in libqt3-emb-dev) Bug#166590: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of kernel-patch-kiobuf on i386) Bug#166700: marked as done (ssh2: Debian ssh2 is too old. Should be upgraded or removed.) Bug#167886: marked as done (tux-aqfh-data: should replace older versions of tux-aqfh ) Bug#169030: marked as done (elm-me+: No version exists in stable) Bug#169106: kleandisk uses /share Bug#169371: marked as done (ssh: Fallback to scp1 compatibility fails) Bug#169849: marked as done (elm-me+: STRING PANIC: Index out of array) Bug#170161: marked as done (nase-a60: Build-Depends on xlib6g*) Bug#170871: (no subject) Bug#171283: marked as done (tux-aqfh: no man page for tux_aqfh) Bug#171493: marked as done (nase-a60_0.20a-3(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: cannot find -lXaw) Bug#171493: nase-a60_0.20a-3(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: cannot find -lXaw Bug#171494: marked as done (nase-a60_0.20a-3(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends) Bug#171494: nase-a60_0.20a-3(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends Bug#171563: marked as done (ubit_2.11.0-1(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends) Bug#171563: ubit_2.11.0-1(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends Bug#171596: libqt3-emb-dev: [libqt3-emb-dev] package not installable Bug#171596: marked as done (libqt3-emb-dev: [libqt3-emb-dev] package not installable) Bug#171853: marked as done (vreng_4.2.0-1(unstable/sparc): FTBFS on sparc) Bug#172056: libkore0: New Upstream version available Bug#172384: bug: Setting From via environment variable is pretty dumb Bug#172542: libutahglx-dev: package does not provide libgl-dev, but should Bug#172886: cvsweb: spelling/grammar bug in man page Bug#172918: aethera: New version available Bug#173196: error in menu file for larswm 7.2.6-1 Bug#173196: marked as done (error in menu file for larswm 7.2.6-1) Bug#173636: FTBFS: Build failure of python-tal on i386 Bug#173636: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of python-tal on i386) Bug#173740: please remove non-free epan package from unstable Bug#173740: right, wrong package Bug#173916: svgalibg1: Chipset FBDev, colour map problems with image display Bug#174018: elm-me+: [patch] Bash completion of elm folders Bug#174018: marked as done (elm-me+: [patch] Bash completion of elm folders) Bug#174316: libhdf4_4.1r4-16(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: no support for ia64 Bug#174316: marked as done (libhdf4_4.1r4-16(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: no support for ia64) Bug#174324: FTBFS: Build failure of flick on i386 Bug#174324: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of flick on i386) Bug#174365: python2.2-ming: libming python 2.2 packages *** Please type your report below this line *** Bug#174365: python2.2-ming: Dangling symlinks in doc/python2.2-ming Bug#174759: libpspell-dev: unneeded manual.aux in /usr/share/doc/libpspell-dev Bug#17982: marked as done (fidogate 4.2.9 available) Bug#22047: diff -u patch for #22047 Bug#22047: marked as done (cbb: leaves zombies) Bug#22047: Updated patch Bug#39210: marked as done (ssh2: visible password after pressing ctrl-c) Bug#46117: marked as done (ssh2: ssh2 does not connect) Bug#51214: marked as done (sshd2 hangs with 99% CPU utilization) Bug#51765: marked as done (ssh2: Port 2222 is not by default in /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config) Bug#56299: marked as done (ssh2 to co-operate with ssh-nonfree) Bug#57682: marked as done (ssh2: ssh2 needs to be splitted in sshd2 and ssh2-client) Bug#59031: marked as done (ssh2: ssh2_2.0.13-5 sshd cannot create .Xauthority) Bug#59336: marked as done (ssh2: Should be easy to share ssh-nonfree and ssh2 on the same port) Bug#59644: marked as done (ssh2: files for user jsroot (uid=0) put into ~root, not ~jsroot) Bug#59978: marked as done (solution for using sshd1 with sshd2 at the same time) Bug#66775: marked as done (Profiling doesnt work with svgalib) Bug#67416: marked as done (ssh2 can get in to an infinite segfault loop) Bug#69052: marked as done (scp doesn't recognize destination symlink as a directory) Bug#74239: marked as done (ssh: X11 forwarding hangs connection attempt) Bug#78649: marked as done (problems when updating from (open)ssh to ssh2) Bug#81349: marked as done (sshd2 should not use unprivileged port 2222) Bug#93202: marked as done (linuxconf produces line splits in /etc/group) cbb_0.8.1-5.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED check_0.8.4-1_i386.changes REJECTED elm-me+_2.4pl25ME+100-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED elm-me+_2.4pl25ME+100-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED elm-me+_2.4pl25ME+99f-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED flick_2.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED gadfly_1.0.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED 广州惠邦发给你的贺卡 gmail_0.7.5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-vfs-extras2_0.99.6.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ines_2.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ITA/ITH/ITP GAP Groups, Algorithms and Programming computer algebra system junkfilter_20020519a-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED kinkatta_1.09.20020304-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED koth_0.7.6a-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED larswm_7.2.8-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED lcms_1.09-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcomprex_0.3.2-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libhdf4_4.1r4-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED libhdf4_4.1r4-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED libhdf4_4.1r4-17_i386.changes ACCEPTED libmng_1.0.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Mexican Products missing depends on package missing recommended package nase-a60_0.20a-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED nase-a60_0.20a-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED NMU: cbb ooqstart-gnome Processed: diff -u patch for #22047 Processed: right, wrong package Processed: svgalib housekeeping Processed: vchkpw was removed, moving bugs to vpopmail Processed: your mail Processing of lcms_1.09-3_i386.changes Processing of libmng_1.0.4-3_i386.changes Processing of quickres-applet_1.0.1-5.4_i386.changes python-tal_1.5.0-1_i386.changes REJECTED python-tal_1.5.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED python-tal_1.5.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED python-tal_1.5.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED quickres-applet_1.0.1-5.4_i386.changes ACCEPTED seaview_20021127-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED seaview override disparity siag_3.5.3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED siag_3.5.3-1_i386.changes REJECTED siag override disparity squidguard_1.2.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Status of elm-me+ package sted2_2.07m+20010303-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED svgalib_1.4.3-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: svgalib-bin translate-docformat_0.4_i386.changes ACCEPTED tux-aqfh_1.0.14-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED tux-aqfh_1.0.14-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED ubit_2.11.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ubit_2.11.0-1_i386.changes is NEW ubit_2.11.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED varmon_1.0.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED vreng_4.2.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED vreng_4.2.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:44 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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