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Bug#159003: gravitywars or svgalib crashs

"Matthias Meckel" <m.meckel@web.de> writes:

> Package: gravitywars
> Version: 1.102-22
> I have a "normal" Woody i386 installation. Nothing installed that's not
> available in the stable woody release and i normally dont have any problem
> with the system.
> Gravitywars was installed with dselect and it depends on svgalib so that was
> installed as well (and might actually cause the problem)
> When I try to start gravitywars from an ordinary shell I get the error
> messageyou must be the owner of the current console to run svgalib.SVGALib
> is installed and seems says "Using SIS driver" which is correct.
> When I try to run gravitywars as root the computer crashs completely (black
> screen you cant do anything anymore)
> i am using kernel 2.4.18-bf24

Which video card do you have?  Do other svgalib applications crash as well?
Does it work if you put `chipset VESA' in /etc/vga/libvga.config?



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