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Re: Bug#167886: marked as done (tux-aqfh-data: should replace older versions of tux-aqfh )

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 12:15:37AM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> In this case it's partly a Lintian bug. The link-to-undocumented-manpage
> warning should be removed altogether, as policy has been amended to no
> longer recommend the use of undocumented(7).

Erm... isn't this exactly the reason to warn even more about having
undocumented(7) symlinks? :)

> > Overriding link-to-undocumented-manpage was acceptable:
> > 
> >   W: tux-aqfh: link-to-undocumented-manpage usr/share/man/man6/tux_aqfh.6.gz
> >   N:
> >   N:   Symbolic links to the undocumented(7) manual page may be provided only
> >   N:   when a bug has been filed that no manual page is available. If you
> >   N:   like, you may report the bug yourself, and add an override for this
> >   N:   warning in your package.
> >   N:
> Bleh, I disagree with that text. :-) Shaleh was generally consistent in
> saying that overrides should only be used for cases where an exception
> needs to be made to an otherwise correct general rule, and not to hide
> Lintian bugs or package bugs. I don't know what Joy thinks, but this has
> certainly been the guideline in the past.
> (I wonder if that text was my fault ... if so, oops.)

I'm not sure where that description was going... I'll rephrase it to simply
say that even if there's a undocumented(7) symlink, there's still no manual
page and one should be written.

Which reminds me, gotta fix the upgrading checklist, it says that not having
manual pages has become a bug -- it's been a bug all along.

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