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Re: [haskell-devscripts] branch master updated (07b42ac -> d563c50) Bug#809918: RFP: haskell-wai-routing -- Declarative routing for WAI Bug#811520: RM: haskell-src-exts [mips mipsel] -- ROM; haskell-src-exts: build exhausts virtual memory Re: Bug#811554: closed by Joachim Breitner <> (Bug#811554: fixed in haskell-hslua 0.4.1-7) cabal standard libexecdir Re: Fixed: chroot-installation_sid_install_haskell/919 GHC-8.0 and llvm ghc-mod binNMU gitit post-update hook issue happstack-authenticate status Re: Haskell debhelper build system haskell-simple in debian haskell-stack How should we fix the haskell-yesod-bin autopkgtest? LTS-4.0 Maintainer per package for pkg-haskell team Marking -doc packages as Multi-Arch: foreign New GHC and mathjax partway to partway to LTS-4.0 sid uninstallble package Re: Tightened Pandoc dependencies on pandoc-types and cmark Who cares about mighttpd2? The last update was on 13:55 GMT Tue Jun 04. There are 54 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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