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GHC-8.0 and llvm


I have uploaded ghc-8.0.1-rc1 to experimental, but it fails on armel
and armhf.

On armel it fails because the patch by Adrian fails to apply; I guess
we should simply re-try without it and see if the problems were fixed
by upstream; if not we can update the patch.

But there is a bigger Problem:

    You are using an unsupported version of LLVM!
    Currently only 3.7 is supported.
    We will try though...
    opt-3.5: /tmp/ghc8ca9_0/ghc_3.ll:7:6: error: expected type
    !0 = !{!"top", null}
    `opt-3.5' failed in phase `LLVM Optimiser'. (Exit code: 1)

Unfortunately, llvm-3.7 is not in Debian (we have llvm-3.8). I’ll try
and see if it works with that.


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