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Maintainer per package for pkg-haskell team

Hi Haskell maintainers,

I'm currently checking the team metrics graphs for 2015 and stumbled
upon an issue with the maintainers per package graph for the Haskell
team[1].  This graph shows how many different maintainers have issued a
VCS commit to a package.

So we have 14 commiters to "package-plan" which is not really a package
but not wrong to see that several maintainers are commiting to some
common project.  But it is worse with the "package" DHG_packages which
is according to your README.md not actually a single package.

For packages following the usual policy I'm cd-ing to each Git
repository of a team and do

    git log master --no-merges --date=short --pretty=format:'{"commit_id":"%H", "name":"%an", "e-mail":"%ae", "commit_date":"%ad"}' -- debian

which creates records with yaml-syntax like

{"commit_id":"c4275f0cebb52bf7129cef121d3bf5a25f7e5e4a", "name":"Andreas Tille", "e-mail":"tille@debian.org", "commit_date":"2014-07-01"}

These records are assembled together with the team name and the package
name which is known due to the repository name in a yaml file which is
later taken over into a SQL database.  If you are able to provide a
similar set of records associated with a package name I could add this
metrics also for the pkg-haskell team.  For the moment my current
approach does not make real sense.

If you are interested in this metrics please provide me with some
helpful code.  Otherwise I probably consider droping this metric if you

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.debian.net/liststats/maintainer_per_package_pkg-haskell.png

PS:  Please CC me - I'm not subscribed to this list.


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