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Re: partway to partway to LTS-4.0

On 2016-01-14, Clint Adams <clint@debian.org> wrote:
> In order to get sid in a migratable state again we need
> 1) haskell-userid to go through NEW
> 2) someone to fix up gitit and happstack-authenticate (Dmitry
>    already started on this)
> 3) someone to look at the aeson build failures (it appears to be
>    broken on all 32-bit architectures except for hurd-i386)
> 4) any other problems I haven't noticed
> 5) multiple waves of binNMUs to go through

I am going to fix (2), but I am short on time next week or so.

> This does not put us in sync with package-plan.

Did anyone emailed maintainers of key packages, that are behind of LTS?

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