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New GHC and mathjax


I built the GHC-8.0.1-rc1 for experimental, but lintian complains
E: ghc-doc: privacy-breach-uses-embedded-file usr/share/doc/ghc-doc/html/libraries/unix- You may use libjs-mathjax package. (https://cdn.mathjax.org/mathjax/latest/mathjax.js?config=tex-ams-mml_htmlormml)

One option would be to patch haddock to use a locally installed libjs-
mathjax, but I think users would complain if
"haddock"-generated files
on Debian would stop working on other systems. So maybe sed’ing this
line in debian/rules would work better.

Does anyone feel like working on this?

I’ve pushed the current state to the (newly recreated) experimental branch of the packages repository.


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