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Re: partway to partway to LTS-4.0

>> There is tricky situation. LTS-5.0 in week (news on /r/haskell),
> *throws hands up in the air* How comes such important news is on
> reddit? For example on the official stackage mailing list, or=A0
>>  and it
>> will ship aeson-0.9, since 0.10 caused major havoc. Is it any way to
>> downgrade package in sid?
> Only with horrible hacks, such as a version number "0.10really0.9",
> which might break some of our team-specific tools, or adding an epoch
> number in front, which we have to carry forever (but which our tools
> support). Not sure which is favorable.

I fear word "forever".

>> With this at hand, I would prefer wait for lts-5.0 and drop
>> `relax-aeson-dependencies.patches`. WDYT?
> Well, we should still fix any outstanding problems that we can fix, who
> knows if the stackage guys can deliver in time.

Yes. I pushed some patches about gitit and there is more.

> And next time, we should make better use of our tools to avoid such
> problems: Prepare a large (i.e. LTS-bump) transition on a branch of the
> package plan, then prepare the packaging on a branch of the packages
> repo, using "dht make-all" to test this without affecting the archive,
> and only when there are no problems there, merge the branches into
> master and upload everything to the archive.


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