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Re: haskell-simple in debian

On 2016-01-28, Johannes Schilling <dario@deaktualisierung.org> wrote:
> hi debian-haskell team,
> i talked to Clint on freenode/#debian-haskell some time ago about
> getting haskell-simple (https://stackage.org/package/simple) into
> debian, and the result then was i'd go and convince the maintainer to
> include it in stackage.
> by now he did that, so what are the next steps? should i file an RFP
> bug, or is it enough to tell you and you'll throw it in the usual
> haskell packaging machinery?

Why do you want this particular library in debian?

*This is personal opinion, and does not reflect any official attitude*

Library version will always lag behind hackage, and with our limited
manpower, behind stackage. We have many libraries to build
application, written in haskell (pandoc, blogliterately, darcs).  In
my opinion, even -prof/-doc binary are no longer needed.  Adding every
new library is more work.

In dark times of cabal, debian was the only source of reliable
co-installability. Now, stack provides the same. To me, as haskell
programmer, `apt-get install haskell-stack/sid` is enough, as long as
haskell-stack is recent enough.

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