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Re: gitit post-update hook issue


looking into this right now. I was not involved in the creation of the
Extra-Depends feature, so I’m always a bit unsure about what it can do
and should do.

Indeed, the dependency is provided as a substvar, but not for all
$ fgrep -r haskell:Extra-Depends debian/*substvars
debian/libghc-gitit-dev.substvars:haskell:Extra-Depends=libghc-filestore-data (>=
debian/libghc-gitit-doc.substvars:haskell:Extra-Depends=libghc-filestore-data (>=
debian/libghc-gitit-prof.substvars:haskell:Extra-Depends=libghc-filestore-data (>=

So let’s see what other package uses this feature. Only shake... but
there is the hint:

$ tail -n 3  haskell-shake/debian/rules
install/libghc-shake-data:: debian/tmp-inst-ghc
	mv debian/tmp-inst-ghc/usr/share/shake debian/libghc-shake-data/usr/share
	dh_haskell_depends -plibghc-shake-data # for haskell:Extra-Depends substvar

So we need to make sure that dh_haskell_depends is also run for the
gitit binary package. Or rather on libghc-gitit-data; note that gitit
already depends on libghc-gitit-data, so it rather makes sense to make 
libghc-gitit-data depend on libghc-filestore-data.

... this seems to work. Uploaded.


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