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Re: partway to partway to LTS-4.0

On 2016-01-22, Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 19.01.2016, 05:23 +0000 schrieb Dmitry Bogatov:
>> > > There is tricky situation. LTS-5.0 in week (news on /r/haskell),
>> >=20
>> > *throws hands up in the air* How comes such important news is on
>> > reddit? For example on the official stackage mailing list, or=3DA0
>> >=20
>> > > =A0and it
>> > > will ship aeson-0.9, since 0.10 caused major havoc. Is it any way to
>> > > downgrade package in sid?
>> >=20
>> > Only with horrible hacks, such as a version number "0.10really0.9",
>> > which might break some of our team-specific tools, or adding an epoch
>> > number in front, which we have to carry forever (but which our tools
>> > support). Not sure which is favorable.
>> I fear word "forever".
> me to, but the other way is also annoying.
> How about this: We stick to the current package plan, liberate
> ourselves a bit from LTS until things have settled.
> In particular: We do not downgrade aeson, follow LTS as far as possible
> (e.g. where we are not already ahead).
> As soon as Stackage nightly has aeson-0.11, we start to follow stackage
> nightly and eventually switch to LTS-0.6 together with GHC-8.0.

I agree.

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