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Bug#868875: Status update Re: Bug#868875: Your thoughts about #868875 Bug#961656: Debian 10.4.0 Non-Desktop cloud-init GOSC Failed Bug#961656: marked as done (Debian 10.4.0 Non-Desktop cloud-init GOSC Failed) Bug#970796: Bug Bug#970796: Bug and the error message Bug#982353: marked as done (contrib/testing64 crashes on Vbox 6.1 when updated to kernel 5.10 due to deprecated use of graphic card) Bug#986419: python3-botocore: Version of python3-botocore in stable does not support IMDSv2 Bug#986717: google-compute-engine: Should fail gracefully when installed in non-GCE environment Bug#986814: Latest vagrant Buster libvirt image not found Bug#986814: marked as done (Latest vagrant Buster libvirt image not found) Bug#987353: CVE-2020-8903 CVE-2020-8907 CVE-2020-8933 Re: Buster backport for botocore Re: Difference between Debian cloud images: openstack/generic/genericcloud GCP Cloud Resources grub-cloud is marked for autoremoval from testing improving documenation Next team meeting: Wed Apr 14 @19:00 UTC Processed: severity of 950079 is important Processed: tagging 868875 ... Processed: tagging 986814 Re: Publishing cloud image lifecycle documentation We've received your Email Where to upload the Octavia image for Bullseye? Should I continue within the team? Your thoughts about #868875 The last update was on 10:40 GMT Fri Apr 30. There are 78 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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