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Bug#986814: Latest vagrant Buster libvirt image not found

Le 12/04/2021 à 13:14, Christopher Huhn a écrit :
> Package: cloud.debian.org
> Severity: serious
> The latest Buster libvirt image for vagrant gives me a 404, `vagrant box
> update` fails.
> λ > curl
> https://app.vagrantup.com/debian/boxes/buster64/versions/10.20210409.1/providers/libvirt.box

Thanks for your interest for the Debian Vagrant boxes.

when I'm doing vagrant box update the box is downloaded from

and is properly found

vagrant box update
==> default: Checking for updates to 'debian/buster64'
    default: Latest installed version: 10.4.0
    default: Version constraints:
    default: Provider: libvirt
==> default: Updating 'debian/buster64' with provider 'libvirt' from version
==> default: '10.4.0' to '10.20210409.1'...
==> default: Loading metadata for box
==> default: Adding box 'debian/buster64' (v10.20210409.1) for provider:
    default: Downloading:
Download redirected to host:
==> default: Successfully added box 'debian/buster64' (v10.20210409.1)
for 'libvirt'!

when creating a fresh environment with
	vagrant init debian/buster64`
	vagrant up

is the box properly downloaded on your side ?

You know an upstream is nice when they even accept m68k patches.
  - John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, Debian OpenJDK maintainer

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