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Re: Where to upload the Octavia image for Bullseye? Should I continue within the team?

On 4/27/21 5:12 PM, Bastian Blank wrote:
>   This is really bad style, borderline abusive.
> [...]
> Maybe.  But please note that my view is that no Debian resource, like
> the wiki, should point to your replicated stuff as long as there is a
> delegated team that does the work.  And also that you should not be
> allowed to use your existing team access to casulana to handle your own
> little kingdom and possibly interfere with the stuff the team does.
> If you want to be part of a team, maybe you should try not to miss a
> monthly meeting all the time?  We did even change the time on your
> request, but you still did not show up.
> Regards,
> Bastian

Bastian (and the rest of the team),

Shouting that I'm bad, and not doing things correctly, isn't productive.
I wrote that myself: I haven't invested enough time in all of this, to
keep things as I wish, and I don't need you to blame me.

You may say I need to "handle [my] own little kingdom" as you put it,
though however bad I've been, what you don't understand (as it shows in
your aggressive teenager-like reply), you're missing the main point: I
need things that the team doesn't produce yet like:
- publishing raw images directly
- stable URLs
- a switch from daily images to "updated when needed" workflow
- Octavia images published
- frozen (and predictable) image building tools

These features have been destroyed by the work of moving everything to
the Salsa CI, and that still hasn't been addressed, years after I got
vocal about it.

I need these *now* for my work and the public cloud I'm building. Not
tomorrow, not after the release, not for Bookworms...

I already explained that I don't feel comfortable at all writing in the
pile of [redacted-swearing] python code you're producing. I nicely wrote
it was my fault, though your tone is pushing me saying it's only half of
the story here. And believe me, I read a lot of Python code over the
years, that are doing way more complex stuff...

If it's not possible to get this for various reasons within the team, in
a reasonable time frame, I have no choice but to do it my way so I can
reach the goal in time, even if you (or the rest of the team) does not
agree with the method, or even the quality of the produce
service/artifacts. I am well aware that I am also to blame for what's
happening. This still is the harsh reality.

I hope it to be a temporary measure. I'm sorry, but *I WILL* advertise
about it (in the wiki or otherwise), because others may need it. I don't
think you have any say about it, I have the rights to do so, with or
without the consent of this team. Only, I can only call this "official"
if the team agrees.

If you think I cannot do this within the team, and cannot use Debian
resources for it, even as a temporary solution, I regret it, but well
ok, that's precisely the answer I'm asking to the team. My understanding
is that there's no consensus about this (yet?).

Finally, I'm still unsure what I should do, but I know I must something
for this. I'll keep the team posted.


Thomas Goirand

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