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Re: Next team meeting: Wed Apr 14 @19:00 UTC


In case you missed the team meeting today, here are the highlights from today's

Image lifecycle docs

A few points were discussed about lifecycle documentation for our images.  I
have a draft based on the earlier proposal and today's discussion, and will
send it out shortly.

Openstack images for bullseye

It'd be ideal to release bullseye with a single set of openstack images.  zigo
has previously identified some outstanding issues with the FAI-based process:

- there isn't a stable URL for the latest image.  Both the directory and the
  image filename contain the date & build number.

- release images aren't triggered automatically by security updates, and daily
  stable builds often happen without changes in the archive.

If you have some time, it'd be very useful to dig into these.

debian-cloud-images removed from testing

A while back, the debian-cloud-images tool was packaged.   Recently, it was
removed from testing.  The consensus on the call was that this is okay:

- it wasn't kept updated after the initial upload.

- it isn't clear how useful it is, the README has a simple apt command to
  install the debian-cloud-images requirements.

If that package was useful to you, please speak up - or better, volunteer
to keep it up to date!

Debian images on EC2 quick launch screen

For a long time, the EC2 quick launch provided lots of OS options, but not
Debian.  Noah reported that this has finally changed - new users will see
Debian as an option when clicking through the console to start a new virtual


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