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Re: GCP Cloud Resources

On 2021-04-21 12:29:02 -0700 (-0700), Jose R R wrote:
> The Google SDK < https://cloud.google.com/sdk > CLI integrates
> cooly with Linux shells: from your fav shell you can list
> available regions/zones, machine types, etc., provision even
> customized compute resources, check recommendations, etc., etc.; I
> do not think any other cloud vendor, including AWS, brings the
> same flexibility and power into a Linux shell to manipulate cloud
> resources.

I'm not sure what "integrates cooly with Linux shells" means (and
Web searches didn't help much to elucidate)... are you talking about
tab autocompletion of the commands for its CLI or something? If you
just mean it has a CLI, then I don't expect that's particularly
novel. Even OpenStack has one.


Jeremy Stanley

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