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Re: Publishing cloud image lifecycle documentation

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 10:56:22PM -0800, Ross Vandegrift wrote:
> The (I think) easy question: do we all agree this is worth doing?  
> The harder question: assuming so, what should the policy say?

Here is my draft following today's discussion.  Please send along any feedback.

Stable Cloud Images for Bullseye (stable)

The Debian Project will release it's new stable release 11 (code name
Bullseye) along with images for various cloud providers.  Images will
be available at https://cloud.debian.org/cloud/bullseye, along with
hashes to verify downloads.  In addition, some platforms will have the
images pre-loaded and/or available in their marketplace.  See
https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud for more information.

Security Support Period

The Cloud Team will support the Debian 11 images through the end of
the LTS cycle.  New builds will occasionally be made available:

  * after each point release of Debian 11.

  * when security updates have been published through official Debian
    channels for a kernel or network service.

  * on an occasional basis to collect other updates, at the discretion
    of each platform's maintainers.

End of Security Support

At the end of the LTS support period, the images will no longer be
updated.  Any marketplace listings will be retired.  And depending on
the technical details of the platforms, pre-loaded images may be

To avoid missing important security updates, users are encouraged to
migrate to a newer image before the end of the LTS period.


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