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AMD Athlon + AMD 751/756 Chipset UNUSABLE in Linux? Apache & IE apt source [ I hate KDE , and Can you wake me from nightmare?] 王漢宗教授的ttf 字型 Re: 請推薦mailing list software bluefish的問題 Re: bluefish的問題.sorry...... =?Big5?Q?Re:_Debian_2.2_=AA=BA_s?==?Big5?Q?ource_CD_images__=A5x?==?Big5?Q?=C6W=A6=B3=AD=FE=A8=C7=A6a=A4=E8=A6=B3=A9=F1??= 如何設置 emix 使其支持多 smtp server 對應多 pop server 服務= (如 vs and vs=。 東東,這是我的測試郵件。(羅湘昕) 登陸問題。 Re: 圖形介面的軟體看不到中文??? 緊急求助! 請推薦mailing list software Re: 關:_中文locale中C~字的排序 Re: 關 _中文locale中3~字的排序 Re: 關于中文locale中漢字的排序 關於syslog裡的錯誤訊息 Re: ⺼睡扢离 emix 妏[盓厥嗣 smtp server 勤茼嗣 pop server 督昢?蝤歉 vs and vs?﹝ Re: Debian的bash怪怪的? Re: Debian 2.2 的 source CD images 台=?Big5?Q?=C6W=A6=B3=AD=FE=A8=C7=A6a=A4=E8=A6=B3=A9=F1??= Re: bluefish的問題 Re: bluefish的問題.sorry...... can't boot kernel 2.27 sucessfully chinese file name? compile from source [was: Re: (無主題)] CPanel Homepage is available again Debian 2.2 的 source CD images 台灣有哪些地方有放? Debian 2.2 可不可以支援TNT2?? Debian 2.2 setup issues Debian 2.2 without chinese big5 ?? Debian的bash怪怪的? debian mirror in taiwan. FreeWnn-cserver/cWnn [Fwd: Help on Debian Taiwan Mirror site] (fwd) GB2312<->BIG5 Re: 闽: いゅlocaleいC~??逼? hoe to caculate the thoughput How to set XEMACS 21 AND LYX-CJK Re: (µL¥DÃD) Re: Ãö: ¤¤¤ålocale¤¤C~¦rªº±Æ§Ç (無主題) libc6 in woody... Re: locale not supported C library mule-ucs Mule-UCS for Big5 character set 圖形介面的軟體看不到中文??? pppd can not connect to ISP Problem displaying chinese, Please Help! Problems with Big5 in 2.2 (Potato) Question about Emacs's fontsets Re: A question about gnus. request for archives of this list for September 2000 Setting up Debian 2.2 issues subject what's is arm Why no XF86_SVGA? wvdial 撥號。 yet no ready The last update was on 19:00 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 100 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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