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Re: ⺼睡扢离 emix 妏[盓厥嗣 smtp server 勤茼嗣 pop server 督昢?蝤歉op.etang.com vs smtp.etang.com and pop.china.com vs?tp.china.com)﹝

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 10:42:39PM +0800, Ben Luo wrote:
> debian-chinese-gb,
>             Ben Luo
>             benluoxx@china.com

:-p, okay, his question in th subject is: 如何設置 exim 支持 multi- smtp and
pop3  //faint why can't i cut'n'paste ??

i guess you don't wanna do it. you want config your MUA (Mail User agetn, mutt
netscape, etc) not MTA (Mail Transfer Agent, sendmail, exim etc.) eh?

anyway, to let exim support/use multi smtp smarthost/uplink ?? maybe not
easy. anywya... :(

to let mutt/netscape/fetchmail to fetch multi pop3 account, that is just a
breeze, in case of fetchmail, use fetchmailconf.

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