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Re: libc6 in woody...

>>>>> "Roger" == Roger So <rogerso@sis.dhs.org> writes:

    Roger> Wow .. I didn't realise that glibc 2.2 beta is already in woody!
    Roger> Since this is beta problems are expected ...


    Roger> Wasn't the locale already included in the libc6 package?  If not
    Roger> then it's a bug.

Maybe.  I'm actually rather shocked to find that /usr/share/locale/XX_YY all
contains only the message.  And in fact the new glibc will not search
/usr/share/locale for LC_CTYPE and files like that, it only finds LC_MESSAGE
there (I know that by strace).  It tries to locate the LC_XXX files first in
/usr/lib/locale, and then in /usr/share/i18n.  And when I read the FAQ of
libc6, I found that following:

---- cut from FAQ ---
2.11.   Programs using libc have their messages translated, but other
        behavior is not localized (e.g. collating order); why?

{ZW} Translated messages are automatically installed, but the locale
database that controls other behaviors is not.  You need to run localedef to
install this database, after you have run `make install'.  For example, to
set up the French Canadian locale, simply issue the command

    localedef -i fr_CA -f ISO-8859-1 fr_CA

Please see localedata/README in the source tree for further details.
--- end ---

So did libc6 2.1 include such an item in the FAQ?

    Roger> Try running netscape under the default ("C") locale first:

    Roger> LANG=C netscape

    Roger> does it work?

Yes, but the Chinese resources won't be used.

    Roger> How about other applications, eg. GTK ones?

They works well.  In fact, even Mozilla works well.

    Roger> This sounds like an XLocale problem ... I'll have a look tonight.


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