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Re: Setting up Debian 2.2 issues


Jason wrote:

> 1. How to setup ppp0 interface for dialup to work. I prefer ppp0 since
> it's very easy and consume less resources.

try to run pppconfig
or you can use wvdial

> 2. How to enable IP forwarding in order to share modem dial up ?

> 3. My HP IDE CD-RW can not work. When I run xcdroast it shows message as
> below
> "No Generic-SCSI-Support has been detected. Without it no SCSI-Devices
> can be detected or used by X-CD-Roast. Please load the sg-module (e.g.
> "insmod sg:) or recompile your kernel with Generic-SCSI-Support."
> But the system response me as below while  running "insmod sg"
> Using /lib/modules/2.2.16-storm/scsi/sg.o
> insmod: a module named sg already exists
> I just can not figure out what is missing here.

Sorry... no experience on CDRW

> 4. Where can I find step by step document to setup Chinese evironment. I
> have installed some Chinese fonts but still can not see Chinese in gnome
> applications. But I can browser Chinese web page. I think I'm just few
> steps away only.

See http://debian.kamtik.net  :->

> Thanks & Rgds,
> Jason
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