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Problems with Big5 in 2.2 (Potato)


I upgraded to Potato recently.  I have tried to use xcin, but neither
xcin2.5 or xcin2.3 will work.  I can open it, but crxvt will not read
from it.

I have also not been able to display Chinese in Gnome applications.  I
am told:

FIXME: unicode support unimplemented: truncating

** WARNING **: EXCEL: we need to re-architecture string reading to support unicode & rich text.

** WARNING **: FIXME: unsupported xf parent style xf 0x1cf != 0
FIXME: rich string support unimplemented:discarding 2 runs
FIXME: extended string support unimplemented:ignoring 16 bytes

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Curtis Dean Smith v꿳      
Asst. Professor of Chinese    
Coordinator of East Asian Studies
Dept. of Modern Langs & Lits  
Grand Valley State University 

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