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Re: ⺼睡扢离 emix 妏[盓厥嗣 smtp server 勤茼嗣 pop server 督昢?蝤歉op.etang.com vs smtp.etang.com and pop.china.com vs?tp.china.com)﹝

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 10:42:39PM +0800, Ben Luo wrote:
> debian-chinese-gb,
>             Ben Luo
>             benluoxx@china.com

ya, i seem to understand your question now, (seen your email
is ...@china.com ;)

you wanna send email using different smtp server for your
different pop3 email accounts on etang.com/china.com/163.com ?

haha, that is a headache... hehehe... :)

i suggest you goto google.com to search for some free relay
smtp hosts, or better just use your debian box' exim smtp
service directly, i.e. no smarthost/uplink smtp server.

or, you may try GNUS (I bet it can do everything. :) but i
suspect you will like it. ;) but who knows? ;)

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