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Re[3]: Problem displaying chinese, Please Help!

Hello linuxguru,
On Friday, September 15, 2000, linuxguru@hongkong.com wrote:

lhc> 1) For some reason I've to stick with stable. Can I switch back to 'stable'
lhc> after installing netscape-zh-resource-4.75? Will the packaging system be
lhc> ruined by switching back and forth?

Yes, just backup your old source-list. When you are done, copy the old
source-list back and do a apt-get update. I think
netscape-zh-resource-4.75 depends on netscape 4.75 , which might only exist
in unstable. if you want to use .debs and dpkg -i , you need to
download all the depends (netscape-base-4, netscape-base-475) too.

lhc> 2) If 1) is not viable, can I just download the .debs and dpkg -i? Where may
lhc> I download it? www.debian.org has no info for it.
lhc> 3) I apology to trouble you with one more question. I need to run M$ Media
lhc> Player 7 for watching live show in http://www.hkcyber.com. Is it possible
lhc> to get one work with Linux?

If you meant http://news.hkcyber.com/boardcast.asp , it looks like
they are using real play to do the broadcast. There is a realplayer
installer package. I don't know how good it works, you have to
try it yourself.

Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@china.com.n.s.pam

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