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Re: libc6 in woody...

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 03:25:08PM +0800, Isaac Kar-Keung To wrote:
> Hi all,
> Out of a little bit too much curiosity, I've upgraded to the most recent
> version of libc6 (2.1.94-1).  Now comes a whole bunch of problems.

Wow .. I didn't realise that glibc 2.2 beta is already in woody!  Since
this is beta problems are expected ...

> So far I been successful in building the zh_TW.Big5 locale using the
> following:
>   localedef -f BIG5 -i zh_TW /usr/share/i18n/zh_TW.Big5

Wasn't the locale already included in the libc6 package?  If not then
it's a bug.

> but now netscape refuse to display anything on the location bar.  Instead it
> says that the font does not contains the characters for each of the
> characters of the URL.  Does anyone had it done "right"?

Try running netscape under the default ("C") locale first:

	LANG=C netscape

does it work?

How about other applications, eg. GTK ones?

This sounds like an XLocale problem ... I'll have a look tonight.

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