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Setting up Debian 2.2 issues

Greeting !

I would like to switch from Mandrake to Debian and face few setup
problems after installation of Debian 2.2 system. It will be very
appreciated if anyone can give me some advices. The problems are :

1. How to setup ppp0 interface for dialup to work. I prefer ppp0 since
it's very easy and consume less resources.
2. How to enable IP forwarding in order to share modem dial up ?
3. My HP IDE CD-RW can not work. When I run xcdroast it shows message as

"No Generic-SCSI-Support has been detected. Without it no SCSI-Devices
can be detected or used by X-CD-Roast. Please load the sg-module (e.g.
"insmod sg:) or recompile your kernel with Generic-SCSI-Support."

But the system response me as below while  running "insmod sg"

Using /lib/modules/2.2.16-storm/scsi/sg.o
insmod: a module named sg already exists

I just can not figure out what is missing here.
4. Where can I find step by step document to setup Chinese evironment. I
have installed some Chinese fonts but still can not see Chinese in gnome
applications. But I can browser Chinese web page. I think I'm just few
steps away only.

Thanks & Rgds,

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