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Competencias organizacionales estratégicas Cześć i w jakiej formie elektronicznej? Últimos 3 Lugares [installation-guide for arm64] Outdated statement regarding graphical installer Re: [installation-guide] Planned overhaul of chapter 4.3 "Preparing Files for USB Memory Stick Booting" [installation-guide] Wrong version displayed on buster page Re: [ubuntu] tasksel_3.68_amd64.changes (Rejected) Bug#229128: marked as done (Problems installin to something else than MBR) Bug#252009: marked as done (LILO/GRUB problems when root is on RAID1) Bug#255116: marked as done (grub: fails to mark partition active) Bug#292513: marked as done (debian-installer: grub doesn't update mbr on both disk) Bug#310798: marked as done (grub and software raid) Bug#391489: marked as done (grub-installer: Raid 1 /boot installations.) Bug#416986: marked as done (raise timeout when other OS is detected) Bug#463842: marked as done (mention highpoint/grub conflict in D-I errata) Bug#489005: marked as done (debian-installer: Grub unconditionally set to use serial console when an install takes place via the serial port.) Bug#489006: marked as done (debian-installer: After grub software raid installation, machine fails to boot with first drive removed or blanked.) Bug#497168: marked as done (grub-installer cant change grub settings) Bug#498831: marked as done (grub-installer: fails the first time on Asus P55T2P4 motherboard) Bug#500079: marked as done (Missing root option for other detected Linux OS on dmraid) Bug#516392: marked as done (debian-installer: unbootable system after install) Bug#520361: marked as done (Wrong configuration for GRUB 2 chain-loading Windows) Bug#544949: marked as done (Package: grub-installer after installation: Unable to install GRUB in (hd0)) Bug#549703: marked as done ([i386][lenny] grub guesses wrong location for MBR?) Bug#557242: marked as done (debian-installer: current daily squeeze installer installs grub to mbr without asking the user) Bug#578338: marked as done (debian-installer: grub-install fails to md0) Bug#580461: marked as done (squeeze Alpha1 + GRUB1: Error 23. Error while parsing number) Bug#582367: marked as done (installation-report: Unable to install grub-pc on LVM/RAID5) Bug#587699: marked as done (installation-reports: can't (install) update grub(2), grub-probe can' find /) Bug#588670: marked as done (installation-reports: generated grub.cfg has off-by-one error in --fs-uuid index in the search command) Bug#596877: marked as done (The last netinstall iso's don't install grub) Bug#604839: [installation-guide] Planned overhaul of chapter 4.3 "Preparing Files for USB Memory Stick Booting" Bug#604839: Bug#988472: Bug#604839: [installation-guide] Planned overhaul of chapter 4.3 "Preparing Files for USB Memory Stick Booting" Bug#609939: marked as done (base: squeeze beta2 amd64 install fail in Acer3820: grub can't be installed) Bug#610116: marked as done (grub incorrectly installed when specifying empty grub-installer/bootdev) Bug#611713: marked as done (installation-reports: Installation issue grub mixup between sata disk and pata disk) Bug#612420: marked as done (installation-reports: Grub install error when installing from USB (Debian Squeeze)) Bug#618498: marked as done (grub-installer: grub-mkconfig does not pick up correct os-prober output when run from installer) Bug#621788: Please support encryption without separate /boot, with encryption support in current GRUB2 Bug#621923: marked as done (installation-reports: GRUB fails to write when non-RAID disk is present with RAID1 /boot) Bug#639713: marked as done (debian-installer: grub-install fails during squeeze install if /boot is on raid and mdadm was not installed) Bug#647267: marked as done (debian-installer: grub-install tries to install on the wrong drive) Bug#659116: marked as done (debian-installer: GRUB fails to be installed on machine with IDE and SATA disk) Bug#665856: marked as done (debian-installer: Fails to install GRUB on a Sony VPCZ2 laptop with two SSD drives in RAID 0) Bug#666552: marked as done ([grub-common] Bad GRUB / os-prober integration: Other operating systems removed from GRUB's list when os-prober is removed, duplicate menu entries) Bug#666559: marked as done (installation with btrfs fails due to grub-installer error) Bug#668923: marked as done (debian-installer: Installing grub fails: /boot on raid1; / on lvm2 on dm-crypt on raid) Bug#686955: marked as done (grub-installer: Grub fails to install on dm-crypt on LVM on SATA RAID 0) Bug#690592: marked as done (installation-reports: Grub video mode incorrect after efi installation) Bug#699456: marked as done ( grub fails to install if HD is not /dev/sda) Bug#702731: marked as done (/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/grub-install: grub-install always tries to write to sda) Bug#703901: marked as done (debian-installer: GRUB should allow detailed configure for MD RAID) Bug#707604: marked as done (debian-installer: Should warn if disk with GPT doesn't contain bios-grub partition) Bug#711330: marked as done (grub-installer: grub-install.postinst stuck while 20microsoft tries to probe a windows 7 on second disk (KVM)) Bug#729411: marked as done (grub-pc: attempts to install to mmcblk0 rather than sda) Bug#732696: Updated os-prober script for Haiku OS Bug#771467: marked as done (First boot after installation fails on Macbooks with 32-bit EFI) Bug#780115: marked as done (grub-installer: fails on multi-device btrfs, zfs) Bug#785149: marked as done (grub-installer: NVMe boot drives not supported) Bug#806164: marked as done (grub-installer: too much hardcoding of device names, fails with /dev/nvme*) Bug#806849: marked as done (debian-installer: d-i fails to install grub2 correctly for efi system using encrypted LVM) Bug#810408: marked as done (discover: please switch to libusb 1.0) Bug#825138: marked as done (console-setup: please make the build reproducible) Bug#838948: [patch] preseed appendix of d-i manual: use_autoconfig Bug#847267: marked as done (Updating the discover-data Uploaders list) Bug#913159: marked as done (task-kannada-desktop: uninstallable on mips and mipsel) Re: Bug#913159: task-kannada-desktop: uninstallable on mips and mipsel Re: Bug#916446: netcfg: please statically define ip4-localhost (mirroring ip6-localhost) Bug#931153: marked as done (discover FTCBFS: configure for the wrong architecture) Bug#940528: installation-reports: b43 firmware not found or installed (Debian 11 bullseye installer from image with firmware non-free) Bug#941299: marked as done (Unable to boot the Buster installer in qemu/libvirt when using the Virtio graphic card) Re: Bug#941299: Unable to boot the Buster installer in qemu/libvirt when using the Virtio graphic card Bug#968195: marked as done (keyboard-configuration: cannot set specific layout Français (Bépo, ergonomique, façon Dvorak, AFNOR) for tty console) Bug#982835: installation-report: doesn't set needed rootflags for flash-kernel when btrfs is used as rootfs Bug#984427: marked as done (console-setup: ckbcomp generates invalid linux keymaps) Bug#988472: Bug#604839: [installation-guide] Planned overhaul of chapter 4.3 "Preparing Files for USB Memory Stick Booting" Bug#991177: libdebian-installer: reproducible builds: Embeds build path in* Bug#991177: marked as done (libdebian-installer: reproducible builds: Embeds build path in*) Re: Bug#992693: bullseye-pu: package glibc/2.31-13+deb11u1 Bug#992733: marked as done (discover: mktemp vs. tempfile) Bug#993417: Installation failure on i386 system / Debian 11 Re: Bug#994023: buster-pu: package espeak-ng/1.49.2+dfsg-8+deb10u1 Bug#995605: BTRFS on root + EXT2 on /boot fails to initialize on ARM A20 OLinuXino LIME 2 Bug#995605: Bug #995605 is the same as #982835 Bug#995833: busybox: uudecode doesn't recognise the special decode_pathname /dev/stdout Bug#996019: debootstrap: bootstrap of ubuntu impish is failing Bug#996532: installation-reports: The brightness-control keys won't work on HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-cx0076tx. Bug#996816: hw-detect: check-missing-firmware generates modprobe errors Bug#996934: install failure without /etc/flash-kernel/machine pre-existing Bug#996955: task-desktop silently pulls in task-desktop-gnome via Recommends Bug#996977: kbd-chooser: can't chose keyboard variant keymap Bug#997110: console-setup: FTBFS: ./kbdcompiler: ckbcomp failed Bug#997110: marked as done (console-setup: FTBFS: ./kbdcompiler: ckbcomp failed) Bug#997541: oldsys-preseed: FTBFS: Running test misc/hostname... ./do-test: line 17: tempfile: command not found Bug#997826: gcc-11: Current/future gcc-N-base packages should not declare Priority: required Bug#998087: arm64+virtio: "No device for installation media was detected" error Bug#998120: tasksel: task-japanese-gnome-desktop does not get installed during Japanese Gnome Flashback installation Bug#998183: mklibs: FTBFS with newer compilers choose-mirror_2.112_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Clean-up d-i repo [ Re: Closing the window for the l10n updates ] console-setup_1.206_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable darme de baja debian-installer for mac debian-installer-netboot-images_20190702+deb10u11_source.changes ACCEPTED into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new debian-installer-netboot-images_20190702+deb10u11_source.changes ACCEPTED into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new, oldstable-proposed-updates debian-installer-netboot-images_20210731+deb11u1_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new debian-installer-netboot-images_20210731+deb11u1_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates debian-installer_20190702+deb10u11_source.changes ACCEPTED into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new debian-installer_20190702+deb10u11_source.changes ACCEPTED into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new, oldstable-proposed-updates debian-installer_20210731+deb11u1_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new debian-installer_20210731+deb11u1_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates di-netboot-assistant_0.71_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable discover-data_2.2013.01.12_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable discover_2.1.2-9_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable grub-installer_1.182_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libdebian-installer_0.122_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable main-menu_1.63_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Mass-closing old grub-installer bugs Processed: Bug#997110 marked as pending in console-setup Processed: Re: [installation-guide] Planned overhaul of chapter 4.3 "Preparing Files for USB Memory Stick Booting" Processed: Re: Bug#838948: [patch] preseed appendix of d-i manual: use_autoconfig Processed: unarchiving 961056, fixed 961056 in 4.19.208-1 Processing of choose-mirror_2.112_source.changes Processing of console-setup_1.206_source.changes Processing of debian-installer-netboot-images_20190702+deb10u11_source.changes Processing of debian-installer-netboot-images_20210731+deb11u1_source.changes Processing of debian-installer_20190702+deb10u11_source.changes Processing of debian-installer_20210731+deb11u1_source.changes Processing of di-netboot-assistant_0.71_source.changes Processing of discover-data_2.2013.01.12_source.changes Processing of discover_2.1.2-9_source.changes Processing of grub-installer_1.182_source.changes Processing of libdebian-installer_0.122_source.changes Processing of main-menu_1.63_source.changes Processing of udpkg_1.21_source.changes udpkg_1.21_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 09:23 GMT Tue Mar 07. 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