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Bug#998087: arm64+virtio: "No device for installation media was detected" error

Package: debian-installer
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i
X-Debbugs-Cc: jmranger@hotmail.com

Dear Maintainer,

- physical hardware is a Mac with an M1 processor, running MacOS
- VM provided by QEMU-6.1.0 + patches for that processor, hidden in the hombrew installer for QEMU
- using qemu-system-aarch64 - so arm64 VM on an arm64 physical CPU
- reproduced with both debian-11.1.0-arm64-netinst.iso and today's debian-testing-arm64-netinst.iso
- the ISO is made visible inside QEMU via its "-cdrom" command-line argument, which makes it visible under /dev/vda in Debian's installer
- for simplification, no other virtual hard disk exist
- Debian's normal "non-graphical, non-expert" install mode is used

- At installation step 4 (Detect and mount installation media), the installer fails to detect the ISO, and states "No device for installation media was detected".

- to "Load drivers from removable media?", answer no
- to "Manually select a module and device for installation media, answer yes
- to "Module needed for accessing the installation media", select "none"
- enter "/dev/vda" (or "/dev/vda1") as the device file to use
- installation media is now detected, and installation continues.

Would it make sense to add the various /dev/vd? to the list of locations already automatically probed?


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