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Re: [ubuntu] tasksel_3.68_amd64.changes (Rejected)

Hello Holger!

On 10/21/21 13:05, Holger Wansing wrote:
>> task-albanian-desktop_3.68_all.deb: Unknown section 'tasks'
>> task-amharic-desktop_3.68_all.deb: Unknown section 'tasks'
>> task-amharic-gnome-desktop_3.68_all.deb: Unknown section 'tasks'
>> task-xhosa-kde-desktop_3.68_all.deb: Unknown section 'tasks'
>> tasksel_3.68_amd64.buildinfo: Unknown section 'tasks'
>> Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.
> I received this mail today.
> I fail to see what's the exact problem here.
> tasksel 3.68 builds fine here with sbuild.
> Where can I get more information on this?
> What's the exact statement behind this?
> Why does this come up NOW? (tasksel 3.68 was uploaded ~5 months ago.)
> Is there a way to reproduce this locally somehow? (for example with a locally
> changed tasksel package, for debugging)
> Is it possible, that the reason behind this is in previous versions, even if
> the messages points to 3.68? (I don't see any critical changings in 3.68)

It looks like you tried uploading to the Ubuntu FTP server instead of Debian,
didn't you?


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