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Bug#941299: marked as done (Unable to boot the Buster installer in qemu/libvirt when using the Virtio graphic card)

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and subject line Re: Bug#941299: Unable to boot the Buster installer in qemu/libvirt when using the Virtio graphic card
has caused the Debian Bug report #941299,
regarding Unable to boot the Buster installer in qemu/libvirt when using the Virtio graphic card
to be marked as done.

This means that you claim that the problem has been dealt with.
If this is not the case it is now your responsibility to reopen the
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Package: installation-reports
Version: 2.71
Severity: important


-- Package-specific info:

Boot method: network
Image version: 
Date: 2019-09-28

Machine: QEmu VM
Partitions: N/A

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot:           [E]
Detect network card:    [ ]
Configure network:      [ ]
Detect CD:              [ ]
Load installer modules: [ ]
Clock/timezone setup:   [ ]
User/password setup:    [ ]
Detect hard drives:     [ ]
Partition hard drives:  [ ]
Install base system:    [ ]
Install tasks:          [ ]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Overall install:        [ ]


When trying to install debian Buster in qemu using a virtio graphic
card, the installer fails to boot.

gnome-boxes is setting up the VM with virtio GC by default without a way
of changing that means that it's just not working for people using it.


libvirt config generated by gnome-boxes:

<domain type="kvm">
  <title>Debian 10</title>
    <boxes:gnome-boxes xmlns:boxes="https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Boxes";>
  <memory unit="KiB">1048576</memory>
  <currentMemory unit="KiB">1048576</currentMemory>
  <vcpu placement="static">8</vcpu>
    <type arch="x86_64" machine="pc-i440fx-4.1">hvm</type>
    <cmdline> keyboard-configuration/xkb-keymap=be debconf/priority=critical</cmdline>
    <boot dev="cdrom"/>
    <boot dev="hd"/>
  <cpu mode="custom" match="exact" check="partial">
    <model fallback="allow">Broadwell-noTSX-IBRS</model>
    <topology sockets="1" cores="4" threads="2"/>
  <clock offset="utc">
    <timer name="rtc" tickpolicy="catchup"/>
    <timer name="pit" tickpolicy="delay"/>
    <timer name="hpet" present="no"/>
    <suspend-to-mem enabled="no"/>
    <suspend-to-disk enabled="no"/>
    <disk type="file" device="disk">
      <driver name="qemu" type="qcow2" cache="writeback"/>
      <source file="/home/bigon/.local/share/gnome-boxes/images/debian10-uni"/>
      <target dev="vda" bus="virtio"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x06" function="0x0"/>
    <disk type="file" device="cdrom">
      <driver name="qemu" type="raw"/>
      <source file="/home/bigon/T&#xE9;l&#xE9;chargements/debian-10.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso" startupPolicy="mandatory"/>
      <target dev="hdc" bus="ide"/>
      <address type="drive" controller="0" bus="1" target="0" unit="0"/>
    <disk type="file" device="disk">
      <driver name="qemu" type="raw"/>
      <source file="/home/bigon/.cache/gnome-boxes/debian10-uni-unattended.img"/>
      <target dev="sda" bus="usb"/>
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="2"/>
    <controller type="usb" index="0" model="ich9-ehci1">
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x04" function="0x7"/>
    <controller type="usb" index="0" model="ich9-uhci1">
      <master startport="0"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x04" function="0x0" multifunction="on"/>
    <controller type="usb" index="0" model="ich9-uhci2">
      <master startport="2"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x04" function="0x1"/>
    <controller type="usb" index="0" model="ich9-uhci3">
      <master startport="4"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x04" function="0x2"/>
    <controller type="pci" index="0" model="pci-root"/>
    <controller type="ide" index="0">
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x01" function="0x1"/>
    <controller type="virtio-serial" index="0">
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x05" function="0x0"/>
    <controller type="ccid" index="0">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="3"/>
    <interface type="user">
      <mac address="52:54:00:1d:a1:a8"/>
      <model type="virtio"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x03" function="0x0"/>
    <smartcard mode="passthrough" type="spicevmc">
      <address type="ccid" controller="0" slot="0"/>
    <serial type="pty">
      <target type="isa-serial" port="0">
        <model name="isa-serial"/>
    <console type="pty">
      <target type="serial" port="0"/>
    <channel type="spicevmc">
      <target type="virtio" name="com.redhat.spice.0"/>
      <address type="virtio-serial" controller="0" bus="0" port="1"/>
    <channel type="spiceport">
      <source channel="org.spice-space.webdav.0"/>
      <target type="virtio" name="org.spice-space.webdav.0"/>
      <address type="virtio-serial" controller="0" bus="0" port="2"/>
    <input type="tablet" bus="usb">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="4"/>
    <input type="mouse" bus="usb">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="5"/>
    <input type="keyboard" bus="usb">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="6"/>
    <input type="mouse" bus="ps2"/>
    <input type="keyboard" bus="ps2"/>
    <graphics type="spice">
      <listen type="none"/>
      <image compression="off"/>
      <model type="virtio" heads="1" primary="yes"/>
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x02" function="0x0"/>
    <redirdev bus="usb" type="spicevmc">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="1.1"/>
    <redirdev bus="usb" type="spicevmc">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="1.2"/>
    <redirdev bus="usb" type="spicevmc">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="1.3"/>
    <redirdev bus="usb" type="spicevmc">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="1.4"/>
    <hub type="usb">
      <address type="usb" bus="0" port="1"/>
    <memballoon model="virtio">
      <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x07" function="0x0"/>

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Laurent Bigonville <bigon@debian.org> wrote (Sat, 28 Sep 2019 10:15:04 +0200):
> When trying to install debian Buster in qemu using a virtio graphic
> card, the installer fails to boot.

I am still able to reproduce this issue with the qemu version in Bullseye
and a buster installer / netinst iso (the text-based installer fails to boot; 
the graphical installer works though).

However, with the Bullseye installer, this is no longer the case, both
installers work fine.

So closing this bug
Thanks for reporting!


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
PGP-Fingerprint: 496A C6E8 1442 4B34 8508  3529 59F1 87CA 156E B076

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