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Bug#996955: task-desktop silently pulls in task-desktop-gnome via Recommends

Am 21.10.2021 21:05, schrieb Brian Potkin:
Fortunately, not selecting it isn't of any consequence. A user gets
what else is chosen.

I don't consider it "fortunate", it is inconsistent that having that choice selected or not does not make a difference as long as any other choice is selected. And that having that choice selected but none of the others will indeed install one of the others.

No, that is not the case. Selecting "Desktop Environment" only will
have the effect of selecting the default desktop. This could be Xfce,
which is not the first one in the list.

Yes, right, that's on non-amd64/non-i386. That's even more confusing, that selecting the generic choice but not explicitly selecting any of the choices in the list will implicitly install the third choice in that list.

 - Fabian

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