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[Travel question] 1000000+ unique high-ranking visitors from the US, AU, CA, UK per month to your site Accepted console-setup 1.182 (source) into unstable Accepted localechooser 2.79 (source) into unstable Accepted lvmcfg 1.45 (source) into unstable Accepted mdcfg 1.59 (source) into unstable Accepted media-retriever 1.46 (source) into unstable Accepted netcfg 1.153 (source) into unstable Accepted network-console 1.77 (source) into unstable Accepted nobootloader 1.52 (source) into unstable Accepted win32-loader 0.9.0 (source) into unstable Archiving the attic folders from d-i for ports Bug#379875: my subject Bug#517935: Related bug Bug#551838: debootstrap --unpack-tarball downloads Packages file. Bug#563647: debootstrap: manpage neglects complete path for Bug#563647: marked as done (debootstrap: manpage neglects complete path for --unpack-tarball) Bug#586158: marked as done (debootstrap fails if the directory contains a space) Bug#621118: patch provided Bug#678267: Can't preseed encryption cipher Bug#690210: Bug 690210 : debootstrap : debian-ports support Bug#690210: debootstrap : debian-ports support Bug#693219: Bug#826709: Doesn't mention --foreign in help output Bug#698677: marked as done (debootstrap: 'Release signed by unknown key' should report keyring used) Bug#700633: Debootstrap is very slow. Please use eatmydata to fix this. Bug#731802: [PATCH] Fix second-stage failure within systemd-nspawn and it also bring another fix on lxc Bug#732551: make --foreign / qemu-user-static easier Bug#732628: marked as done (Please support squid-deb-proxy-client) Bug#734324: marked as done (debootstrap: unavoidable keyring warning in second-stage) Bug#740503: Proposal Bug#741964: debootstrap: --variant=fakechroot and --foreign Bug#754318: marked as done (no warning if file specified via --keyring does not exist) Bug#762431: marked as done (debootstrap: fails with spaces in pwd) Bug#775444: marked as done (Issue warning if falling back to sha1) Bug#775474: marked as done (Issue helpful error if user specified keyring not found) Bug#798564: marked as done (debootstrap: Add scripts for kali releases) Bug#806780: marked as done (--foreign/--second-stage breaks with multiple components) Bug#826709: Doesn't mention --foreign in help output Bug#826709: marked as done (debootstrap: fail early when debootstrapping foreign arches whose binaries cannot be run) Bug#833525: marked as done (debootstrap: Deleted my entire /home partition using "mostly harmless" debootstrap --print-debs option) Bug#837509: installation-reports: Partial success on Novena (no USB during install) Bug#840372: debootstrap: second-stage fails within systemd-nspawn: proc already mounted Bug#844118: marked as done (debootstrap: APTCACHE for debootstrap) Bug#851774: [Bug 1754075] Re: apt-setup uses apt-key but probably should not anymore Bug#857132: 'rm /etc/console-setup/cached_*' helps solve the problem Bug#866401: marked as done (Please print proper error message when download fails) Bug#866401: Please print proper error message when download fails Bug#871835: Call for help: review patches for debootstrap Bug#871835: systemd-setup-machine-id leaving mount behind? (was "Bug#871835: Call for help: review patches for debootstrap") Bug#872059: marked as done (No longer creates /dev/console.) Bug#872410: bts Bug#872577: marked as done (debootstrap: Handle existing /dev) Bug#872948: marked as done (debootstrap: Debootstrap does not explain what is calls a Debian base system) Bug#877467: Odroid-XU4: success despite several challenges Bug#880494: D-I fails on odroid-hc1 devices: kernel doesn't find usb connected SATA and network card Bug#881626: busybox: enable telnetd Re: Bug#886968: btrfs-progs-udeb: depends on non-udeb: libzstd1 Bug#890419: marked as done ([PATCH] Fix boostrapping libvirt LXC containers) Bug#891393: debootstrap: Should warn about distributions that need vsyscall enabled Bug#892206: Seagate: LUMP not started? Bug#893954: marked as done (debootstrap ignores https mirror setting, just use default http mirror (i.e. Bug#894849: debian-installer: support dove cubox Bug#895047: Missing thousands separator symbol in the default console font Bug#895074: debian-installer: Please replace 'c_rehash' with 'openssl rehash' Bug#895096: debootstrap: -unpack-tarball option doesn't recognize tar.gz file Bug#895112: installation-reports: Successful installation of Debian Buster Alpha 2 release on Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Bug#895141: installation-reports: unable to rotate main screen during installation Bug#895258: installation-reports: installer fails to report missing NIC firmware Bug#895275: debian-installer: Incorrect installer proxy suggested format Bug#895412: debootstrap: Cannot find dpkg on NetBSD (or other OSes using pkgsrc) Bug#895466: debootstrap 1.0.96 fails due to missing apt-config Bug#895466: marked as done (debootstrap 1.0.96 fails due to missing apt-config) Bug#895620: marked as done (debian-installer fails due to DHCP issue) Bug#895700: installation-reports: Pinebook success with custom kernel Bug#895720: Installation of Buster successfully at Asus UX501 Bug#895934: [PATCH 1/1] flash-kernel: add Rockchip RK3288 Tinker Board Bug#895949: lintian: warn about packages with udebs but no udeb line in shlibs Bug#896071: debootstrap fails to retrive Release file over https Bug#896809: installation-reports: "Select a language" -> DE, but install EN Bug#896826: also filter for recipes defined by the installer Bug#896826: Fixed by ignoring partitions using 'in_vg{ ... }' Bug#896826: partman-auto: Wrong minimal disk size calculation when using expert_recipe and lvm partitions Bug#896902: busybox: Segmentation fault in microcom applet Bug#896908: busybox cpio: fails to extract absolute symlinks Bug#897145: installation report Bug#897145: marked as done (installation report) Call for revirew: APTCACHE for debootstrap console-setup_1.182_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable console-setup_1.184_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: debootstrap 1.0.93+nmu5 debootstrap and using /var/cache/apt/archives as --cache-dir Fw: Re: debootstrap: APTCACHE for debootstrap debootstrap_1.0.96_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debootstrap_1.0.97_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable flash-kernel_3.94_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: FTBFS with TeX Live 2018 install logging Re: Installing 2 encrypted Debians alongside Windows iso-scan_1.67_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable iso-scan_1.68_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libdebian-installer_0.116_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable localechooser_2.79_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable lvmcfg_1.45_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable mdcfg_1.59_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable media-retriever_1.46_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable mount errors when preseeding stretch installer netcfg_1.153_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable network-console_1.77_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable nobootloader_1.52_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-auto-crypto_29_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-auto-lvm_68_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-base_199_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-basicfilesystems_138_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-btrfs_45_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-crypto_98_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-ext3_98_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-iscsi_55_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-lvm_123_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-md_86_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-nbd_0.54_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-partitioning_123_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-target_108_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable pkgsel_0.56_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable preseed always creatiing swap even though I told it not to preseed_1.96_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed (with 1 error): Re: debootstrap: second-stage fails within systemd-nspawn: proc already mounted Processed: Re: Bug 690210 : debootstrap : debian-ports support Processed: Re: Bug#826709: Doesn't mention --foreign in help output Processed: Re: Bug#895074: debian-installer: Please replace 'c_rehash' with 'openssl rehash' Processed: Re: Bug#895934: [PATCH 1/1] flash-kernel: add Rockchip RK3288 Tinker Board Processed: Re: Bug#896071: debootstrap fails to retrive Release file over https Processed: Re: debootstrap --unpack-tarball downloads Packages file. Processed: Re: debootstrap: --variant=fakechroot and --foreign Processed: Re: Doesn't mention --foreign in help output Processed: reassign 894673 to wnpp, reassign 894231 to installation-reports Processed: tagging 895466 Processed: your mail Processing of console-setup_1.182_source.changes Processing of console-setup_1.184_source.changes Processing of debootstrap_1.0.96_amd64.changes Processing of debootstrap_1.0.97_amd64.changes Processing of flash-kernel_3.94_source.changes Processing of iso-scan_1.67_source.changes Processing of iso-scan_1.68_source.changes Processing of libdebian-installer_0.116_source.changes Processing of localechooser_2.79_source.changes Processing of lvmcfg_1.45_source.changes Processing of mdcfg_1.59_source.changes Processing of media-retriever_1.46_source.changes Processing of netcfg_1.153_source.changes Processing of network-console_1.77_source.changes Processing of nobootloader_1.52_source.changes Processing of partman-auto-crypto_29_source.changes Processing of partman-auto-lvm_68_source.changes Processing of partman-base_199_source.changes Processing of partman-basicfilesystems_138_source.changes Processing of partman-btrfs_45_source.changes Processing of partman-crypto_98_source.changes Processing of partman-ext3_98_source.changes Processing of partman-iscsi_55_source.changes Processing of partman-lvm_123_source.changes Processing of partman-md_86_source.changes Processing of partman-nbd_0.54_source.changes Processing of partman-partitioning_123_source.changes Processing of partman-target_108_source.changes Processing of pkgsel_0.56_source.changes Processing of preseed_1.96_source.changes Processing of rescue_1.72_source.changes Processing of s390-dasd_0.0.59_source.changes Processing of s390-netdevice_0.0.64_source.changes Processing of tzsetup_0.106_source.changes Processing of user-setup_1.77_source.changes Processing of win32-loader_0.9.0_source.changes Remote Debian installation assistance for newbies using WireGuard VPN rescue_1.72_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable s390-dasd_0.0.59_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable s390-netdevice_0.0.64_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: Salsa tzsetup_0.106_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable user-setup_1.77_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable win32-loader_0.9.0_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 06:31 GMT Fri May 17. 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