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Bug#690210: Bug 690210 : debootstrap : debian-ports support

On Wed, 18 Apr 2018, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> control: tags -1 +pending

It's not "pending" because it's not yet pushed to the official git
repository. I don't know if you just forgot to push or if willingly kept
it out for now...

But please can you avoid committing intrusive changes before seeking
reviews ?

I know that I encouraged you to work on debootstrap but now I feel
responsible to double check all your work because I found out (an
non-negligible rate) of simple mistakes and discutable design decisions
in what you submitted so far.

>  Adjust it to current git code, could you check it, please?

I feel really uncomfortable with this patch. It's really intrusive
and adds tons of perl code in a codebase that was not depending
on perl. The comment even suggests that we would need an alternative
C implementation in case perl is not available (and that C implementation
is not provided here). And the perl code is actually duplicating
code from libdpkg-perl.

IMO the special casing for ports.debian.org architectures should be
handled in a dedicated wrapper. And maybe debootstrap needs new features
to make this wrapper possible.

But I ask you to not commit this unless you get other reviews explaining
that this change is OK despite the above comments.

Alternatively, some sort of middle ground would be to provide a script
dedicated to stuff hosted ports.debian.org, the main script would be
unmodified and the hackish code would be hidden in a script that the user
would have to request explicitly.

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