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Re: Salsa

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):

> > I think I will have to leave the Salsa -boot project to you and the
> > rest of the team going forwards.
> Thanks for having shown interest and having set up a project so much in
> advance, and sorry again for not having jumped on that train at the
> time…

On my side, well, I'm watching the Salsa train from the platform and I
have to admit that I'm not active at all in the Salsa move.

While I very well understand reasons behind Alioth's shutdown, it
breaks so many established workflows of mine that, since the beginning,
I decided that I would be a follower on that topic. I never wanted to
enter arguments on -devel about this, but I think this move is way too
disruptive, with regards of the *real* situation of manpower in Debian.

If I can adapt my workflows to changes needed by the move to Salsa,
then I'm fine with it, that's mostly how I  follow things.

As of now, I know that l10n workflows *will* be affected, that's obvious.

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