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Bug#732551: make --foreign / qemu-user-static easier

On 2013-12-18, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> If debootstrap installed qemu-user-static into the chroot
> when --foreign was used, it could then immediately chroot in
> and run commands (assuming the host system has binfmt-support
> installed). 
> This would allow debootstrap to go ahead and run the second stage
> itself, under qemu emulation, and leave the user with a foreign chroot
> that could be transparently chrooted into.

With version 2.12~rc3 (currently in unstable), qemu-user-static doesn't
require copying the qemu-ARCH-static binary into the chroot.

You can simply call:

  debootstrap --arch=ARCH sid CHROOT

... and it just works now, without any debootstrap --foreign or
qemu-debootstrap wrappers!

You might still want the binary copied into the chroot to make it easier
if moving the chroot to another machine, but that seems well outside the
scope of what debootstrap should worry about.

live well,

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