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Re: Installing 2 encrypted Debians alongside Windows


@Ben Hildred:
I used a separate /boot partition for each.

I was actually able to work around the issue by manually creating a new
menu entry in custom.cfg using a duplicate of the grub entry that was
created for the new Debian install, and pointing the new entry at the
"lost" /boot partition instead.  This worked because each install was
prepared in exactly the same way.

I'm surprised, however, that interest in this matter isn't higher: 
haven't I demonstrated a possible bug in Debian Installer?  An edge
case, perhaps, but still...

I'm willing to answer further questions if it's necessary for making
sure this issue gets properly understood and, if necessary, fixed in a
future update.

On March 23rd, Ben Hildred wrote:
> Did you use the same boot partition for both
> installs, or did you create a boot partition for
> each?

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