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Bug#690210: debootstrap : debian-ports support


On Sat, 28 Apr 2018, jhcha54008 wrote:
> I am afraid debootstrap already depends on perl (it
> doesn't show up in the control file as perl-base
> is Essential) : it ships a perl function 'pkg_details'
> inline (see file /usr/share/debootstrap/functions line 1323
> in debootstrap version 1.0.97)

Ok, I missed this. Still I'm pretty sure that it's not a good
trend to continue.

> Should the perl code depends on libdpkg-perl or is it bearable
> to inline the needed functions ? The former avoids code duplication
> with benefits in size and maintainability, the latter keeps the
> dependencies to a minimum (wget, perl-base).
> As far as I know, there are three main use cases of debootstrap :
> 1. create a debian chroot on a host running debian (or similar)
> 2. in debian-installer (base-installer step)
> 3. "to install Debian GNU/Linux from a Unix/Linux system"
> (https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/apds03.html.en)
> Depending on libdpkg-perl is beneficial to the first use case,
> and inlining the functions to the third.

A dependency on libdpkg-perl is not a good idea either. This is why I'm
really questioning the need to for this code to be inside debootstrap
at all.

> > IMO the special casing for ports.debian.org architectures should be
> > handled in a dedicated wrapper. And maybe debootstrap needs new features
> > to make this wrapper possible.
> May I ask what for new features you have in mind ?

Possibly passing a pre-built "Packages" file directly. It would be the
result of the merge that you are doing between UNRELEASED and the normal

> Is the hope of a debian-ports support in debootstrap still
> (not too un)reasonable ?

Why aren't you creating a proper suite merging the required bits on the
server side in ports.debian.org?

Maybe the tools you are using do not make it easy to implement but it's really
something that is not hard with most of the tools (e.g. reprepro).

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