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Re: Salsa

On 24/04/18 02:29, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Chris Boot <bootc@debian.org> (2018-01-22):
>> I think it would be helpful to start using Salsa for some of our repos.
>> I would like to move my personal busybox work-in-progress repo to Salsa;
>> I know nothing prevents me from doing that but it feels like everything
>> would be more joined-up if the main busybox repo was also in Salsa and
>> in a debian-boot team/group.
>> Does anyone have any objection if I create a d-i/boot team on Salsa?
>> What should it be called? Should its membership just be copied from the
>> Alioth team? Alternatively, would it be preferable to use the "Debian"
>> group given we have such a large membership anyway?
>> axhn: any objection to moving busybox into Salsa?
> Do you have any feedback regarding your salsa attempts?
> Clock's ticking and it would be nice to migrate soon, so any gathered
> experience is welcome.

Hi Cyril,

I didn't receive much feedback from the -boot team since I created the
Salsa project and did the initial member import, but I also didn't
remind people about it after those first few emails.

FWIW I have been using GitLab both personally and at work very
successfully for quite a while now with my generally Git-centric
workflow. I have no recent experience with conversions from other VCS,
and I do understand some people's concerns about whether GitLab is the
best fit for Debian, but I strongly believe that whilst it may require a
bit of a mindset readjustment it's the best thing out there for us.

I also must admit that I haven't had a huge amount of time lately to
work on Debian things, much to my regret. From now on for a while I will
have even *less* time, but with no regret now as my first child was born
yesterday! (Mother and child doing very well, thanks, and email to
-private will come shortly!)

I think I will have to leave the Salsa -boot project to you and the rest
of the team going forwards.


Chris Boot

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